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Guest hall Otilija is quite multifunctional and is suitable for different kind of celebrations: jubilees, weddings, parties, seminars and conferences, exhibitions and other events. Otilija is a place for fun and low-key events, formal and informal meetings and celebrations. Here you are free to organize and celebrate your event just the way you want to do it and we will do our best to help you.

Grand hall ‘Otilija’ (up to 50 persons)

While creating the Grand hall ‘Otilija’ our aim was to make up a place for a cozy and unforgettable celebration. It’s a place that comfortably accommodates up to 50 people in its bright and festive interior. Here you can leisurely enjoy a festive dinner in a good company. Inside the Grand hall there is also a separate place for dancing and musical performances that provides everything you need to create a special mood and atmosphere.

Guest room ‘Otilija’ (up to 8 persons)

Guest room ‘Otilija’ is a suitable place to unwind from the daily routine and relax together with your family and friends. There is also a little kitchen in the guest room, where you can warm up a food you took with you and make a tasty tea or coffee. A picturesque view that extends from the windows of the room won’t leave you indifferent because right here you will have an opportunity to see and enjoy the lake and streets of the Old town.

For romance seekers

If you want to hide from prying eyes and spend time with your loved one, light up the candles and enjoy the moment, then this place is what you need. Here you can organize a romantic surprise for your sweetheart. A romantic evening in a Guest room ‘Otilija’, night walk near the lake, illuminated by the city lights can remain one of the most pleasant and dear to heart memories.

Wishing a pleasant stay, we offer free services for your convenience:

  • Video screen
  • Video projector
  • Disco lights
  • Audio speakers (with the ability to play music from you USB device or laptop)
  • Bar
  • Kitchen (for warming up your food)
  • Dishes
  • Carpet for kids’ games


We are open to listen to your desires and make the best offer.
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We wish you a pleasant stay!

Yours, Otilija…